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I am a wife-mother-daughter-writer-dreamer-homemaker-reader-doer of all things.
Let’s share our crazy hyphenated lives, talk about the boomer years, the “trying to have it all” years that made us wives-mothers-daughters-writers-artists-spiritual seekers-travelers-career women, and the men who understand us.
Let’s examine what it means to be whole.
I’ll write about writing and living fully.
Come join me.

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Virginia “Ginny” Nugent is a young girl. . . who secretly yearns for more than the hardscrabble existence of her family’s dry land ranch. With her mother dead, and having been emotionally abandoned by her alcohol and drug-addicted father, Ginny turns to one of the ranch hands for support. When a handsome friend of her deceased mother arrives from back east, Ginny’s emotions are stirred, though she doesn’t realize it at first. The stranger’s presence sparks a journey.

If you have a dry eye after reading some parts of this book I would be
surprised. . . one of the best books I have read this year.
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