Ordinary Aphrodite

Ordinary Aphrodite by Anne SchroederOrdinary Aphrodite is a Love Goddess-Meets-Bridget-Jones-Diary collection of essays about coming of age in the 1960s. Insightful, evocative, and humorous, it is a marriage manual for women who want to keep up the heat. Schroeder, while earning a college degree with a husband and a toddler, found herself struggling with Gender Equality, Free Speech, Free Love, The Pill and Vatican II. By the time she mastered those issues, she faced Glass Ceilings, Social Responsibility and Re-cycling. Thirty-five spirited essays about com-promise, consequence, and potential boast titles like: Victoria Ain t Got the Secret, Unleashing Aphrodite, Learning Curves, Burn It, Baby, Sin, Sex and The Pill, Powergirl to the Rescue, and Chocolate Necessities. Schroeder believes that, had she been Eve in the Garden, she would have picked the apple and handed it to Adam, too.

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