Maria Ines

Maria Inés by Anne Schroeder

An Indian girl born under Padre Serra’s cross at Mission San Miguel de Arcángel witnesses the political intrigue and greed of Spanish, Mexican and Yanqui invaders who plunder California, destroying everything she loves.

A refugee in her own land during the Time of the Troubles, Maria Ines struggles to survive while she reclaims her family, her faith and her ancestral identity.  A moving must-read for fans of the Old West and of Native Americans’ legendary history.

“With impressive research and detail, Anne Schroeder writes in a voice of authority. She has created a vivid depiction of a people, the Salinan of California, in the first half of the 19th century.”

–Lucia St. Clair Robson, award-winning author of Ride the Wind

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Cholama Moon

In Cholama Moon, homesteaders struggle to establish ranches in Central California in the 1870s, amid earthquakes, drought, banditos, remoteness and human failing. Young Virginia Nugent’s privileged life ends with the death of her mother and her father’s guilt-ridden descent into addiction. She is conflicted in her love of the ranch and her desire to escape until an old cowhand’s loyalty and a Southerner friend of her late mother offer hope that she can change her destiny.

“Return to the past in this exciting Western saga…well researched and finely written historical novel. Schroeder has a knack for placing her readers directly in the path of stampeding horses so that we smell their animal sweat, taste the grit of the dust, and envision the beauty of the land that surrounds us.” —Velda Brotherton, Author of Rowena’s Hellion

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Ordinary Aphrodite

Ordinary Aphrodite is a Love Goddess-Meets-Bridget-Jones-Diary collection of essays about coming of age in the 1960s. Insightful, evocative, and humorous, it is a marriage manual for women who want to keep up the heat. Schroeder, while earning a college degree with a husband and a toddler, found herself struggling with Gender Equality, Free Speech, Free Love, The Pill and Vatican II. By the time she mastered those issues, she faced Glass Ceilings, Social Responsibility and Re-cycling. Thirty-five spirited essays about com-promise, consequence, and potential boast titles like: Victoria Ain t Got the Secret, Unleashing Aphrodite, Learning Curves, Burn It, Baby, Sin, Sex and The Pill, Powergirl to the Rescue, and Chocolate Necessities. Schroeder believes that, had she been Eve in the Garden, she would have picked the apple and handed it to Adam, too.

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Scent of Cedars

Enter a lush world where you can smell the tang of landward breezes off Puget Sound, the warm chaff of rolling wheatfields, the icy draft from frozen alpine peaks. Weave your way through high desert pinnacles, and wander the deep-shadowed canyons of the primeval coastal rainforest. Smell the rain. Catch the Scent of Cedars.

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Branches on the Conejo

Anne Schroeder weaves an emotive, anecdotal memoir of the families who settled the Norwegian Colony north of Los Angeles in the Conejo Valley around Thousand Oaks, tamed the land, and then saw their ranches and farms dwindle away under development pressures. The work leans heavily into the roles played by women in the Western Expansion, and the remembered stories of her great great grandfather working with his neighbors to blast the Norwegian Grade out of solid rock to build a road to Ventura.

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