Cholama Moon

Cholama Moon by Anne SchroederIn Cholama Moon, homesteaders struggle to establish ranches in Central California in the 1870s, amid earthquakes, drought, banditos, remoteness and human failing. Young Virginia Nugent’s privileged life ends with the death of her mother and her father’s guilt-ridden descent into addiction. She is conflicted in her love of the ranch and her desire to escape until an old cowhand’s loyalty and a Southerner friend of her late mother offer hope that she can change her destiny.

“Return to the past in this exciting Western saga…well researched and finely written historical novel. Schroeder has a knack for placing her readers directly in the path of stampeding horses so that we smell their animal sweat, taste the grit of the dust, and envision the beauty of the land that surrounds us.” —Velda Brotherton, Author of Rowena’s Hellion

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Praise for Cholama Moon

“The heart and soul of this charming coming of age story is the heart-wrenching relationship between a young girl struggling to find her identity and place in the world and a crusty, decrepit old ranch hand whose glory days are long past.”

“The characters are very fleshed out, and come alive with deft use of colloquial speech. You find yourself drawn into their lives. Even the antagonists of the novel are richly developed and sympathetic.”

“…a romantic storyline reminiscent of Pygmalion, in which Jeremy Lawsen, a snobbish confederate aristocrat, takes the wild young tomboy Ginny under his wing.”