Gifts of Red Pottery

Gifts of Red Pottery

Character driven stories of the heart that deal with love in its many guises. Many are set in the Central Coast of California. “Grub Line Rider,” is a traditional story of a pioneer girl looking for love. “Torch Singer,” is about a blues singer disappointed in love, who doesn’t need any man to clutter her life. The title story, “Gifts of Red Pottery,” follows a reclusive man living in a Paso Robles apartment through the life changes that happen when a lively young Hispanic girl moves in across the street. “James Dean and the Tree of Eden,” is a surprise bonus. Romance of the heart is the best kind. Advance readers say “The reader will carry these stories in her heart long after the last line is read.”

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Praise for Gifts of Red Pottery

The author embraces her “stories of the heart” subtitle with abandon, exploring several fiction styles and tones. …wonderful talent for dropping the reader right into the scene and into the head of the protagonist.”

“As promised, each story touches a place in the heart.”