Welcome to my world

I am a wife-mother-daughter-writer-dreamer-homemaker-reader-doer of all things.
Let’s share our crazy hyphenated lives, talk about the boomer years, the “trying to have it all” years that made us wives-mothers-daughters-writers-artists-spiritual seekers-travelers-career women, and the men who understand us.
Let’s examine what it means to be whole.
I’ll write about writing and living fully.
Come join me.

New Release

Walk the Promise Road

Walk the Promise Road began on a road trip several years ago, when I gazed out at the Eastern Oregon landscape and imagined walking across the plains to find the Promised Land. When I got home I tacked a sheet of butcher paper on my office wall and jotted down the order of events I’d discovered in countless diaries, books, and trips to Trail museums and interpretive centers.

When I started to actually write, the story burst onto the pages full-formed. I wrote the first draft in 30 days, on an IBM Selectric typewriter in the hours before and after work. Twenty days in, I drove back to Oregon to walk a portion of the Barlow Trail in Mary’s worn boots.

I hope you enjoy Mary’s story.

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